to OUR valued ET hitch customers

December 29, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the ET HITCH business was acquired in December by Young’s Welding Inc. (YWI) in Chanute, KS. All future orders will be fulfilled by their subsidiary, PopUp Towing Products, YWI.

Darryn Young is the 3rd generation owner of Young’s Welding Inc. founded by his family in 1934. They operate in a 144,000 sq. ft. facility and will manufacture and sell all ET Hitch models in addition to many other products. The staff has been trained by Henry in all phases of ET Hitch production and we are pleased to work with them during this transition. Be assured Young’s Welding employees will provide the same high-quality hitches, excellent customer service, and will maintain an inventory of ET Hitches available for timely delivery. Young’s Welding manufactures other products for the RV industry and is very familiar with the HDT community’s needs and standards.

We know that Darryn is the perfect individual to carry on our legacy and reputation in the HDT hitch world. It is time for us to pass the heavy lifting on to Young’s Welding Inc.

SZMYT ET PRODUCTS WILL CONTINUE TO: Manufacture and sell the Jackalopee Converter and kit, offer upgrades to older ET’s (Prior to 2013), serve as a resource for new comers to the exciting world of HDT travel, respond to ET hitch questions, offer consulting and design services, promote the ET Hitch product line, and serve as a resource for PopUp Towing Products by Young’s Welding. As always, Henry will remain available to share our many years of experience.

HOW TO ORDER AN ET HITCH: Please visit the Pop Up Towing website for order information. You can also contact PopUp Towing Products directly at (620) 431-9196 or Their sales staff will be happy to assist you.