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Henry, Davena & Donnie’s truck.

Szmyt ET Products were designed and built by Henry Szmyt to fill a need in the RV community for the high quality, heavy duty hauling components required for today’s heavy rigs.  

An ET Hitch Installation
An ET Hitch Installation

The ET Difference

All Szmyt ET Products are built in the USA from the highest quality materials and components. The result: Our customers enjoy superior performance and years of reliable service. By design, ET Hitches are the most durable in the industry and perform for years after other hitches wear out. The key to the success of this line of products is the care and quality in both the design and manufacturing process. The solid engineering behind every product is the result of the decades of RV experience that Henry and his wife Davena brought to this enterprise –These are products built for RVers by RVers – folks who truly understand your needs and speak your language.  

An ET Junior Hitch ready for shipping.
An ET Junior Hitch ready for shipping.

Every ET Hitch is shipped fully assembled and ready to install. The majority of hitches made by other companies require purchasing additional parts such as angle irons or metal plates which will need sand blasting, painting, and will result in additional cost. EVERY customer receives the personal attention one expects from a small company – from the beginning to the end of every sale as well as continued support down the road.

Our goal is to continue promoting the best performing, highest quality hitches and products available in the heavy duty hauling community. 

If an ET Hitch is in your future, please call today.  We will be pleased to welcome YOU into the happy family of ET Hitch owners! 

Do you need a Custom Bed, Smart Car Lift  or have  another unique idea?  We can help you turn it from a concept into a build-able design.   

The Phoenix Smart Car Loader.

Creator of the Jackalopee and ET RV Air Hitch