If you haul RVs, horses, boats, cars or trailers and need to connect your truck’s and trailer’s electrical systems, the ET Jackalopee converter unit makes this job a breeze!

The Szmyt ET Jackalopee provides a compact, high quality, electrical interface between truck and trailer. It converts the 3 light DOT truck system to the 2 light RV system. It has provisions for 12 V DC power, brake controller wiring, and other options.*

  • Converts the DOT truck wiring for brakes, running lights, and directionals to the RV or trailer system
  • Has a provision for a brake controller, backup and running lights and 12 volt power to your RV or trailer
  • System status LEDs are visible through the clear top cover of the Jackalopee converter
  • Converter is housed in a water proof enclosure
  • Charging and braking section rated at 60 amps. Lighting section rated at 40 amps.
  • Detailed installation instructions are emailed separately.
  • All units are thoroughly tested and functioning 100% when shipped

Price – $170.00 + shipping and fees

Jackalopee Wiring Kit

The complete Jackalopee wiring kit contains all the essential hardware and cable to connect from the semi D.O.T. socket to the Jackalopee and from the Jackalopee to the RV socket at the back of the semi frame.  To order, just select this option on the Jackalopee order form.

Price – $145.00 + shipping and fees

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* Please confirm that your truck and RV are wired properly according to standard codes prior to installing a Jackalopee.

Creator of the Jackalopee and ET RV Air Hitch